Conservation Conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich

July 18, 2018 at 6:00pm


In last month’s Conservation Conversation, we explored how we could learn to “declutter” our priorities and manage our lives according to our own values. This is something we can do both individually and together. We will discuss recent research on how to manage our wayward brains to help simplify our lives and explore what can happen if we work on this together. Let’s see what we might accomplish as we make conscious choices, together in community, as a way to work toward living on Earth in harmony and joy.

Our monthly Conservation Conversations are an important part of supporting and growing our community as we move forward through this pivotal time for Life on Earth. This month’s online video conversation takes place on Wednesday, June 18, at 6pm Mountain time (5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern). The cost is free, but space is limited, and advance registration is required. We encourage you to continue to join us as we work toward becoming a creative, committed, supported community of all beings.

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