One More Day

Bear Garden Diaries
A log spans a creek flowing down to a man-made pond

Since last month’s update, we have been busily preparing to move Ramble and Bramble to their new gardens.  The snow melted, the gardens were cleared of any remaining construction materials, the 100+ foot temporary walkway between the current and new gardens was built, and we were about to fill the new ponds for the first time. But then, intense spring windstorms, followed by the discovery of a leak in the new ponds, forced us to delay moving the bears by a few weeks.  

The delay was frustrating (for us and the bears), but it did provide Ramble and Bramble with additional time to contemplate and get curious about the temporary walkway, which ultimately prepared them to move more easily down it to the gardens that beckoned to them from the end. 

Luckily, repairs were successfully made and our newly planted trees were righted and staked in response to wind damage, which means… tomorrow is FINALLY moving day!  Our entire team will be there–even those with the day off don’t want to miss it.  We’ll let Bramble, the braver of the two bears, go first.  We have no idea how long he will want to explore the new gardens or if he will get nervous and want to return to the familiarity of his current home, but we look forward to finally knowing the answer tomorrow.

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