Taking Personal Inventory for a Richer Life

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As we enter the New Year, we are supported by the energy of all the people making resolutions. Surveys say half don’t keep them – but half do! This is a fine time to examine deeply how we want to live our lives and how we want to help our Earth.

The first step is to take a personal inventory. To the extent we are disconnected from ourselves or nature we cannot be of lasting help, because nature works in deep energetic flows which require unblocked connections, within us, and outside of us; from breathing freely and deeply to unblocked streams and wildlife corridors, the principle is the same.

In the book Savage Grace, authors Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker suggest as one interesting practice:

“Dedicate one day to taking a personal inventory of ways in which you are disconnected from yourself, others, and Earth. Notice the ways in which you are disconnected from your body. How are you disconnected from your emotions? How are you disconnected from other living beings? How are you disconnected from the Earth?

“Are you engaged in any practice that connects you with your body such as yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi? If not, consider engaging in one of these practices. While regular fitness exercises are useful, they often do not connect us with the body’s deeper energy and wisdom.”

This is a great inventory with which to start the New Year. We would love to hear from you: did you find it useful? What did you discover? Or join our Conservation Conversations and share what you have found and share how you plan to release the natural flow of life, and wisdom, within you.

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