One Good Deed—Idea and Action Exchange: Protect Wildlife Corridors

— by Chelsea Carson —

Last time we spoke about the necessity of maintaining wildlife corridors so animals can move freely as needed for survival. In our blog this week we discuss the proposed border wall across the US-Mexico border and what we can do. This 1900-mile long wall will cut off the natural flow of life and habitat for at least 700 hundred species of animals, some of them already stressed or endangered. To help prevent the wall a first step is to become active in the dialogue and events around this issue. Calling our local government officials, signing petitions, writing editorial pieces for magazines and newspapers- any way to add our voices to the opposition is helpful. Making sure to be as informed and updated as possible is important. The Sierra Club has a Border Wall Issue Tool Kit. An informative article can be found here.

This, is something important. We need as many voices as possible speaking for living beings that can’t speak for themselves, for the sake of Life.

Chelsea Carson, a graduate student at Idaho State University, is a volunteer at Earthfire Institute. She is helping to build education and outreach capacity with the goal to increase environmental stewardship and community service. 

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