One Good Deed: Idea and Action Exchange – Make a sanctuary

by Susan Eirich, Ph.D.

We often feel powerless in the face of all that is happening on the Earth, but it is surprising how doing one good deed can help us feel, and be, powerful.  Our action can grow in surprising ways once we have started along that way of thinking; begun that flow of energy. A sample suggestion: make a sanctuary or altar for yourself.  It can be any size, anywhere: a desk top, a window sill, a corner of a room, a place under a tree.  Make it a practice to go daily.  At that sanctuary you can connect with yourself first.  From there ideas for action can begin to form.

On a more immediately practical level, make a sanctuary for an animal or a plant, be it a window box with bird-friendly plants or a garden that supports wildlife.  It can serve as an example to your neighbors as an alternative to the wildlife desert that is a broad manicured lawn.  You will be creating homes, and helping shape a new Earth-friendly idea of beauty.

Click here for further reading: “ gardening practices not only can reduce utility and maintenance costs but also increase property values”

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