Make a Date With Nature

One Good Deed Idea and Action Exchange:
View of the Teton Mountain range from Earthfire Institute

We often find ourselves consumed by busy schedules filled with endless engagements, responsibilities and demanding deadlines. In the process of having to be somewhere or do something, it is easy not to attend to our restoring ability to just be. How do we tune out of our distractions and into Life? We can make a date with Nature, put it on our calendar, and insist on it. It is really a date with our Selves.

It needn’t be long – it can be only 5 minutes. We just have to do it, to help our brains make that transition. Nature can actually alleviate stress and anxiety while increasing our capacity to listen and connect with other living beings.

We recently had a staff retreat where our focus was creative flow, with the intention of coming up with new answers to deal with our environmental crises, and how Earthfire could best help.  Even in the midst of our joint creativity, we had to keep reminding ourselves to return to ways of remaining grounded.  As a group we went outside, we sat, we listened to what was around us, and we began to let the distractions of deadlines be replaced by the truth of what we felt and access our innate wisdom. We would love to hear your own thoughts and experiences with this.

To go deeper into this idea, join us for our next Conservation Conversation: “Tuning Into Life: The Art of Listening.”

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