One Good Deed—Idea and Action Exchange: Decrease Plastic Waste

Man picking up empty plastic bottles off the beach

— by Chelsea Carson —

Each of us has a responsibility to do what we can to work towards a compassionate and sustainable future. What we do matters. One important way we can be a steward of the Earth is to decrease our plastic waste. Examples: buying bulk in reusable containers; not using plastic straws, (you can make a surprising impact with this, more information here); not using plastic water bottles (and it’s bad for you!). The use of plastic is everywhere. When we make decisions not to use it, it is important to talk to people about why. This is how change starts. Use reusable alternatives to lower our reliance on single-use plastic items. Share with us and your community the actions you take.

Hand holding colorful straws picked up off the beach
Cleaning straws off the beach | Daisy Daisy


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