One Good Deed: Idea and Action Exchange – Use Less Paper

by Chelsea Carson —

To understand how we, as individuals, can positively impact the Earth, we must first be aware of the impact of our own actions. We cannot change our behaviors if we don’t understand the effect they have on the world around us.

Beginning to question our daily actions, and making choices that promote positive change, rather than automatically following what others are doing; or purchasing what is available without questioning if we need it, is an excellent first step to becoming an active guardian of the Earth. *

For example, when using a piece of paper, reflect on the journey this paper took, all the way back to the living community that is a tree, that now is no more. Once we see a tree as a living community we are moved to use less paper, and when we do use it, to do so respectfully.

*This progression is known as the “Active-Citizen-Continuum.” To explore the progression from member-volunteer-conscious citizen-active citizen follow this link: ( We can each choose where we want to be on this continuum at any given moment, and no matter where we are it is always useful to question our daily habits.

Chelsea Carson, a graduate student at Idaho State University, is a volunteer at Earthfire Institute. She is helping to build education and outreach capacity with the goal to increase environmental stewardship and community service. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

Then share it to inspire others.


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