Living Wild

Reconnection Ecology in Practice

Video by Sierra Ellis

Reconnection Ecology® is Earthfire’s visceral, embodied, heart-based approach to saving wildlands and waters. Reconnection Ecology® is a mode of healing, of reconciling our relationship with nature, and becomes powerful when more of us integrate it into our daily lives.

Through Reconnection Ecology, we can reawaken our bond with all that is Wild.




  • Integrate your experiences with nature to act on them
  • Eat and travel with your values in mind
  • Reduce or eliminate use of toxins and petroleum-based products and machinery
  • Account for wildlife needs when considering building sites
  • Protect local waterways
  • Embrace the wild, ditch or resize the lawn!
  • Landscape with native plants that will attract pollinators
  • Connect with neighbors to collaborate on ideas
  • Support local nonprofit organizations working to restore local ecosystems
  • Engage politicians by sending letters, making calls, and elevating biodiversity as a priority
  • Drive slowly at night in areas frequented by wild animals, respect signage, and keep pets away from sensitive areas
  • Use wildlife-friendly fencing

Working together to protect biodiversity in Teton Valley and Beyond

Feel free to contact us to share your ideas on how to put Reconnection Ecology into practice. Reach us by emailing

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