Journeying from Love to Commitment

Conservation Conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich
A retreat participant pets a wolf in a field

“It was all the fault of seven wolf puppies. I fell in love. It changed everything.” —Dr. Susan Eirich

Falling in love deeply opens channels through which information can flow, and opens our perspective to see each living being—plant, animal, human—as a source of wonder. Opening ourselves to falling in love can be the catalyst for a rich and satisfying life dedicated to commitment and action. What if we make that our purpose? Our intention? Then we have made ourselves receptive, and have invited nature to reciprocate. This exchange helps us find our unique path forward to healing our Earth.

On March 28th, 2018 Dr. Susan Eirich and members of the Earthfire Community joined together to share our journeys from love to commitment and commitment to action. Due to technical difficulties, only Susan’s presentation portion is available for viewing. Please join us at the next Conservation Conversation on April 18, at 6pm Mountain time (5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern).

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