Joining in Membership with All Life

Conservation Conversation with Dr. Susan Eirich, held May 16, 2018
Susan Eirich with a moose calf

In May’s Conservation Conversation, Dr. Susan Eirich and the Earthfire community explored joining in membership with Life and community—what that means, what we can collectively rise to, and how it can help us in our personal journeys.

These Conservation Conversations are the entry point for our year-long Council of All Beings. At the end of the year, our hope is that we will be walking upon our Earth differently, with an enhanced sense of enchantment; companionship in the community of Life; joy; wonder, sacredness and a willingness to protect.

The overarching theme for the Council of All Beings is Showing Up for Life. Our first Conversation in the series in April, and the basis for all that follows, was Connecting with your True Wisdom: What Makes Your Heart Sing. This is the portal to sacred action. The rest of the year will be exploring how to incorporate more of that song into our lives. If we follow our heart, we will be doing the work of the universe; the work of our soul; the work we are meant and need to do to contribute to Life. For this we need heart, courage and support; this is the goal of these conversations.

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