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Exotic Animal Caretaker

Title: Exotic Animal Caretaker
Department: Animal Care
Supervisor: Executive Director
Classification: Non-exempt (Hourly), Full Time, Year-Round

Our vision is a world with flourishing habitats for all Life

To reawaken our deep connection to wildlife and nature through Reconnection Ecology®, expanding our sense of community to include all living beings and moving us to protect thriving habitats for all Life.

Exotic Animal Caretaker position is responsible for daily Husbandry of wildlife species native to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Candidate must be able to work independently in a physically demanding capacity and with compassion for the wild animal species he/she handles. Candidate should possess an intrinsic desire to observe wild animal behavior; feel confident being in close personal contact with wild animal species; and open to taking direction while learning all facets of animal care. Exotic Animal Caretaker can ultimately lead to the position of Ranch Manager or Lead Animal Handler for the right person.


General Animal Care

• Follow all safety protocol
• Daily preparation and distribution of species-appropriate meals and water
• Daily cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures and habitats
• Identify uncommon animal behavior and communicate such behavior to Executive Director
• Accurate record keeping and observation of animals
• Assist with grounds maintenance (lawncare, snow removal, enclosure repairs, haul water / supplies, etc.)

Direct Contact with Animals

• Expected to learn and work with all species
• Be comfortable entering animal enclosures and habitats
• Learn how to safely and effectively transport animals to different areas of the sanctuary for exercise, occasional photography sessions, animal welfare, and private visits / retreats.
• Be comfortable handling animals during veterinary check-ups and accurately administer medication and shots to animals.
• Offer species-appropriate enrichment and training

Requirements and Personal Qualifications

• Must be available to work weekends
• Long term commitment
• Hardworking
• Organized
• Positive attitude
• Strong attention to detail and communication skills
• Able to work independently and in team environment
• Willing to work outside in harsh, cold winter climate and in the hot summer sun
• Able to lift 50 lbs
• Willing and able to take direction
• Must work in a calm, respectful, and responsible manner
• Excellent critical thinking / problem solving skills
• Background in Animal Husbandry preferred
• Wildlife rehabilitation experience a plus

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