How to Be Positively Hopeful

Black and yellow Swallowtail butterfly on a red and yellow flower growing up through a crack in the sidewalk

Have you heard about all of the exciting, cutting-edge discoveries that support a healthy, thriving Earth? Probably not. Media reports about environmental disasters, climate change damage, and bad news in general are headline grabbers. Topics that invoke fear, doom, and anger result in more click-throughs, followers, and viral trolling, leading to more advertising dollars and lobbying power for the organizations and individuals disseminating the news. This type of coverage has led to a newly-coined emotional disorder called Climate Change Anxiety. A cure for this could include more real reasons for hope, and more reporting on good news.

During Earthfire’s online conversations and presentations, it’s inevitable that at least one person will ask if there’s any hope in the near future for a thriving, healthy Earth.

Consider the weight of that question.

Consider the implications of the response.

We’re living during difficult times and how we choose to live now will define all Life as we know it. Hope is our most effective tool. Hope feeds creativity, imagination, and energy. Hope ignites action. Part of the action we need to take is to seek sources that support hope with ourselves and in each other. Small group discussions with everyone having a chance to safely participate can be really effective.

There are sources of factual information that don’t measure success on exorbitant profit margins or influence peddling. We’ve shared a few links to sites that report on good news about efforts to replenish ecosystems, recycle effectively, soften our human footprint, and yes,change the trajectory we are on.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

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