Earthfire Institute's Guiding Principles

Reconnect. Trust. Act.

Our guiding principles keep us on track, hold us to account, and ensure that Earthfire Institute holds to its vision with integrity through time. 

We see ourselves as a part of a community working toward a shared vision of flourishing habitats for all Life. These are living, breathing principles used in practice to inform everything we do and to guide us in our decision making individually and together.

  1. All Life is Sacred is the foundation for how we live, treat each other (human and non-human), and make decisions. We honor the voices and value of all living beings and the land. We celebrate the diversity of Life.
  2. Animal Care and the Reciprocal Relationships we form with them are the essence of Earthfire and our primary commitment. We work to create a heart-oriented culture as an organization and as a local and global community through our deep unwavering commitment to the animals under our care.
  3. Reconnection Ecology® is a path to realizing safe havens for all Life. It offers a depth of connection that energizes us and serves as an invitation to humanity to revive our relationship with nature. We tune into the intelligence of Life and trust our own inherent wisdom as a basis for our actions in care of our Earth.
  4. Inspirational Leadership and Global Collaboration are essential for real change now. We partner with others who are working toward a shared vision of a more conscious world, fostering a movement of sacred activists.
  5. Whole Earth, Innovative, Systemic Thinking and Action is required for meeting our current crises and shepherding a new story of hope and renewal. Our approach includes deep listening, shared leadership, bold imagination, and courage to realize our vision.

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