“I believe the term “blog” means more than an online journal. I believe a blog is a conversation. People go to blogs to read AND write, not just consume.” 
– Michael Arrington, American founder and former co-editor of TechCrunch

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Earthfire Institute’s blog. Earthfire Institute’s mission is to change the way we see, and therefore treat, wildlife and nature. We do this by widening the circle of conversation about ecology and spirit to include the voices of all living beings. Thus, we serve as a powerful seed center for healing our connection with the natural world. We invite you to lend your voice to this effort.

To help this happen we are adopting the tools of online community building and digital engagement Our blog strives to share ideas, concepts and inspiration fostering a rich and nourishing relationship with the vibrant, living world of which we are a part. The goal is to inspire a shift in consciousness and values that will lead to wise and practical action on behalf of the Earth and its inhabitants.

“We need to expand our sense of community to truly include all living beings. We will make different decisions then; ones that are life sustaining.”
-Susan Eirich, Executive Director, Earthfire Institute

The general feel of our blog is organic, hopeful, inspirational, interdisciplinary, conversational and thought provoking. We seek to blend art and science, inner and outer worlds, and include the latest ideas and discoveries woven with ancient knowings, longings and experiences. We hope our blog will draw connections of all kinds and engage people in conversation and lead them to action.

General Guidelines

Your post should be between 100 and 2,000 words.

All posts need to be approved by Earthfire Blog Management Staff.

Earthfire welcomes a wide variety of blog posts including (but not limited to) personal stories, academically-focused professional topics, topic commentaries, and visionary reflections. We welcome the inclusion of photographs and art within your post, but all images must be your own or licensed for use on our platform. All posts must be well written, organized, and constructive, pointing to new analyses, insights or solutions.

We recommend you write in a journalistic format where the main points of your blog are described in the title and introductory paragraph. Additionally, we strive to conclude our blogs with an invitation for engagement, such as open-ended questions to encourage discussion, links to other parts of the Earthfire website, or suggestions for personal or community action.

Please format your blog post with headings and sub-headings where appropriate to ease the reader’s experience.

Please include a 1-2 sentence bio with your blog.

Please download the Guest Blogger Agreement here and return a completed and signed copy with your article. We cannot publish articles without a signed copy of this agreement.

Topics and Subjects

Art and Nature: Art and creativity as expressions of nature’s life force.

Giving Sanctuary: Stories about offering shelter to wild animals for healing and rehabilitation.

Interspecies Connections: Intimate encounters with all varieties of life.

Nature’s Intelligence: The wisdom, ingenuity, and resiliency of nature.

Spiritual Ecology & Action: Exploring how the philosophy that “all life is sacred” shapes our relationship with wildlife and nature, and putting that philosophy into action.

Compassionate Conservation: Science-based conversation from the perspective that each living being is an individual who matters.

Urban Living and Nature: Discovering wildness and connecting with its vitality in urban landscapes.

Link Requirements and Policies

You are welcome to include an external link in the byline at the end of the post. It is recommended that this link lead to your own website or LinkedIn page. Citing of an article within the blog can be linked to the article and will be opened in a new tab. We reserve the right to exclude links that do not support our mission.

You are very welcome to include links to other places on the Earthfire Institute website within your blog post.

Post Image Requirements

All photos or artwork shared on the Earthfire blog must either be original works owned by the blog author, licensed for use on our platform, or used with written permission of the owner of the work.

All images must be submitted as high-quality jpegs.

Republishing Policies

Your blog remains yours to use and republish. Earthfire also retains the right to republish your blog.

Editorial and Review Policies

Please submit your blog post for review to

All blog post submissions will be reviewed within 2 months of receipt. Because of the high volume of post proposals we receive, we may not be able to respond to let you know that your post will not be published. If your post is selected for publication, we will contact you.

Earthfire blog management staff reserves the right to make edits and have final say over whether or not the post will be published and when.


The audience for the Earthfire Institute are people who are concerned about and interested in issues regarding the environment, wildlife, community, and spirit. They are educated and often work in related fields.

Formatting Preferences

Please write your blog such that is easily readable on the screen. Divide up large blocks of text, use bullet points and headings/sub-headings when appropriate, and insert images to break up the text.

Please submit your post as a Word document.

Please direct any questions about contributing to Thank you!

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