Finding Refinement

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Lately I’ve become a little too immersed in the coarsening of the cultural moment. I’ve feared for our natural world. I’ve feared for the precious work that’s been done in recent years to evolve our human offering into something that is more refined, kinder, more respectful and creative at solving the problems of our world. I let this fear overwhelm me and I became sickened.

Over the last 2 months I have been in a cocoon of healing, allowing my body and mind to rest deeply. In that space of stillness, I remembered that there is also a refreshing and opening refinement that is coming into being. I feel encouraged and excited by this memory, by knowing that cultural coarseness does not have to be the norm. In fact, on many levels, it is not.

There are those of us who, through meditation, music, prayer or simple observation of the beauty in our natural world, find ourselves immersed in a high, powerful light. Embraced by it, we are also refined by it. I imagine if you are reading these words that you are among those who engage in these practices and find this refined light often. It is encouraging and powerful to believe that we are among a new kind of human. We are illumined, not because we are special, but because we can find and channel this high spiritual light.

I now feel ready to emerge from the cocoon, back into the world. But it will be a world of my own choosing, for I am co-creator with the God of All Things. I, as an endowed, blessed human, flesh and bone and heart and spirit, am inspired by the One to offer that which I am into the world. For that is why I am here–to offer that which I have striven to refine into something worthy of the highest vision to which I can aspire.

Of course there have been enlightened ones before now and will be again. What makes this time different is there are many of us pioneers riding a powerful wave of energy from layers and levels of reality that are flowing through, enabling each one who is ready to open to the new light. To be carried out among the stars and back again to a New Earth. We are a force to be reckoned with. And the tide is turning.

Take heart. Be your heart. Be kind and allow others to be kind to you. Open and refresh yourself often in this higher light. And let it flow through you out into all Creation.

Miriam Trahan 2-4-18   Haiku Hawaii

Miriam Trahan is a writer, photographer and nature lover. She describes herself as a translator of information and ideas borne of deep listening. Originally from south Louisiana, Miriam lives on the island of Maui with her husband, some cats and a couple of clever dogs. You can find her work at or on Facebook at  Miriam is a regular participant at our Conservation Conversations.

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