Facing Facts and Finding Meaning During a Time of Climate Disruption

A Conversation with Dahr Jamail
Blue icebergs floating in a lagoon with the sky and water both tinted pink by sunset

An acclaimed and courageous author, journalist, and researcher, Dahr Jamail has traveled all over the world to intimately witness the impact of climate change. He brings home facts and observations that we all need to know as we work towards finding the best path forward. His book is called The End of Ice, Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption.

Kirkus Book Reviews wrote, “Assiduously researched, profoundly affecting, and filled with vivid evocations of the natural world, Jamail’s deep love of nature blazes through his crisp, elegant prose, and he ably illuminates less-discussed aspects of climate disruption. . . A passionate, emotional ode to the wonders of our ailing planet and to those who, hopelessly or not, dedicate their lives to trying to save it.”

In keeping with Earthfire’s approach of including many voices and perspectives on issues affecting our living planet, we bring you this powerful conversation. Visit Jamail’s website at https://www.dahrjamail.net.

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