We need to connect deeply, fall in love with other life forms. Connection opens channels through which flow transformation, strength, and healing, leading to creating practical solutions for solving our environmental crisis.

Transformative experiences within nature and profound connections to any non-human living being open pathways to everything around us. We hope to inspire each other with stories of transformation; an essential step as we embrace Reconnection Ecology®. To that end, we offer the following events to our global audience:

Earthfire Story Sharing Circles

Join our quarterly Earthfire Story Sharing Circles, where we foster an intimate virtual space to share your transformative experiences with nature and/or to simply listen as we support each other in integrating these moments into our professional and personal lives. You’ll hear inspiring stories of transformation and have an opportunity to share your own.

Our next Story Sharing Circle will be held on September 10th at 6 PM MDT.

Group of people sitting around a campfire at night
Sign at the entrance to the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School

Susan Eirich will be a speaker at the ninth Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School held at Merton College, Oxford, England, on 5-8 August, 2024. 

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