Earthfire’s Philosophy on Food

We believe that food prepared with love and consciousness toward environmental and social responsibility is an important component of your retreat experience.

Whenever possible, Earthfire Institute offers locally collected, organic, humanely raised food during retreats as an integral part of your workshop. The meals are healthy, filling and artistically presented for each group. After each gathering the scraps are shared with Earthfire’s residents to reduce waste.

Workshop presenter for A Walk on the Wild Side, Rose DeDan, commented:

“It was important for myself and the other participants to know that the conscious food choices and preparation harmonized with the purpose of Earthfire Institute, the animals, and the focus of our event. Thanks Miso Hungry and Earthfire Institute, for a memorable and meaningful experience! Good energy and great food!”

The food for our event, A Walk on the Wild Side, was so good that I don’t believe there were many leftovers to share with the residents!

by Susan Eirich, Ph.D.

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