Painting of wolves by Anne London

Through Wolves’ Eyes: Insights from Wildlife Artist Anne London, Part I

While we are busy working on new content, we have re-released a podcast from our archives. In this conversation, Dr. Susan Eirich discuses the importance of art and conservation with incredible wildlife artist, Anne London. This is a timely podcast to share...

Vibrations are Everything: Healing Humans and Animals with Sound with Debbi Walker, RN

Seeing and hearing Debbi Walker’s remarkable stories of healing animals with sound therapy at the Animal Energy World Conference in England this past May, my immediate reaction was: Earthfire animals! It wasn’t only the stories, but Debbi’s medical training and her extensive research into the nature of sound healing, combined with deeply intuitive skills, that impressed me. Her analysis went from research on the vagus nerve to the beautiful statement that with sound healing, ancient memories are switched on. And so I invited her to Earthfire, and two months later, Debbi arrived here from England to spend seven days working with our animals (and humans---necessary!). She is so...

Coming Together for Radical Change: A Conversation with Derrick Jensen

"If we wish to stop the atrocities, we need merely to step away from the isolation. There is a whole world waiting for us, ready to welcome us home." In this episode of Earthfire Radio, Dr. Susan Eirich talks with author and activist Derrick Jensen about the need to unite in our efforts to shift global perspectives and turn the tide toward a better way of living on the Earth. A brilliant thinker and writer, Derrick Jensen is a multi-award-winning environmental author. Named the Poet Philosopher of the Ecological Movement by Democracy Now, he was named one of Utne Reader's 50 Visionaries Who are Changing Your World. His books include The Culture of Make Believe, Endgame, A Language Older...

EPISODE 26 Sustainability

Facing Facts and Finding Meaning During a Time of Climate Disruption: A Conversation with Dahr Jamail

An acclaimed and courageous author, journalist, and researcher, Dahr Jamail has traveled all over the world to intimately witness the impact of climate change. He brings home facts and observations that we all need to know as we work towards finding the best path forward. His book is called The End of Ice, Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption. Kirkus Book Reviews wrote, "Assiduously researched, profoundly affecting, and filled with vivid evocations of the natural world, Jamail's deep love of nature blazes through his crisp, elegant prose, and he ably illuminates less-discussed aspects of climate disruption. . . A passionate, emotional ode to the...

What We Can Learn from Loving Animals: A Conversation with Andrew Harvey

In a fascinating, passionate wide-ranging podcast, mystical scholar Andrew Harvey and Dr. Susan Eirich of the Earthfire Institute explore the nature of the human/animal/nature relationship. They discuss the dangers of projecting our own human emotions and motivations onto animals, the value of learning to appreciate the animal self, and the joy and pain we experience as we form lasting, meaningful relationships with the animals in our lives.  Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed poet, novelist, translator, mystical scholar, and spiritual teacher. He has written and edited more than 30 books—including the best-selling titles ‘The Hope’ and ‘The Tibetan Book of Living and...

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