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It All Starts with the Living Land: A conversation with Kareen Erbe, Permaculture Designer

Kareen Erbe joins us from her home in Bozeman, MT. Kareen has a BSc. in Environmental Science from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and is an experienced permaculture practitioner. She is certified in Permaculture Design and completed an adva...

The Psychology of Climate Action: A Conversation with Renee Lertzman

Renée Lertzman, PhD, joins us from her home in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco. For 30 years, Renée has been building a practice that applies psychological insights to how sustainability, environment, and climate practitioners can be more effective at reaching people. She earned a Master's in Environmental Rhetoric from UNC Chapel Hill, and her PhD in Social Science from Cardiff University in Wales. Since 2011, Renée has been running a consultancy, partnering with organizations such as WWF, NRDC, Skoll Global Threats Fund, the Alliance for Climate Education, the Endangered Species Coalition, and Google. She speaks and works internationally and has presented at CRED. Her...

The Power of Meaningful Nature Experiences: A Conversation with Dr. Matthew Zylstra

Dr. Matthew Zylstra is a conservation ecologist with over 15 years of international experience in research, education and facilitation of collaborative social-ecological change processes. Matt has a passion for novel approaches to experiential learning, motivated by his transdisciplinary PhD research (2014) which explored how meaningful experience and nature connectedness supports transformative education for sustainability. He also holds an MSc in Environmental Sciences & International Policy and a BBus in Marketing, and he currently designs and facilitates immersive programs and workshops that support natural learning for connected leadership. Matt's scientific publications can be...

Ambassadors for the Wild: A Conversation with Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith is a revered founding pioneer in the field of interspecies telepathic communication since the 1970s. Her visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, in numerous books, and on radio and television. Her training program has guided the unfolding of generations of professional animal communicators. She wrote the popular classic books Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit. Penelope believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and that although that is long lost for many of us, it can be regained---for the benefit of all beings on earth. For more information, visit In this conversation,...

We Are All Related: A Conversation with Stan Rushworth

Whether we're addressing our traumatic histories in search of personal and societal healing or working to avoid climate disaster, Native American author and academic Stan Rushworth teaches that we must recognize the interconnectedness of all facets of Life. Only then can we make true progress toward a better world for all. Transcript Bonus Content This conversation with Stan was extremely rich and thought-provoking, but ultimately too long to include in a single episode. If you would like to hear more, please enjoy this bonus discussion about healing for our past, present, and future.  Transcript Stan Rushworth Stan Rushworth was born in 1944 and raised on the banks of the...

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