Earthfire in Action: Dr. Susan Eirich to Speak on Animal Individuality and Connection

Global Earth Repair Conference, including graphic of linked hands circling the earth, a pod of orcas, and a list of presentation topics

The Global Earth Repair Conference

Port Townsend, WA | May 3-5, 2019

Susan will be presenting at the first ever Global Earth Repair Conference, where thought-leaders and practitioners from all walks of life are coming together to draw attention to the worldwide movement of earth repair and to discuss practical action to restore the planet. The conference will weave together a blend of restoration ecology, permaculture, ethno-ecology, forestry, bioengineering, horticulture and many other tracks with the goal of applying this knowledge to regenerate our earth’s ecosystems. This new and formative conference aims to address both the technical and social aspects of planetary regeneration through workshops, presentations, gatherings, and discussions. Susan will be presenting the workshop “All Life is Calling us: Calling for Connection, Calling for Help.”

Learn more about her presentation and the conference here.

Animal Energy World Conference

Manchester, England | May 11-12, 2019

After attending the Global Earth Repair Conference in Washington, Susan will take the voices of the Earthfire animals to Manchester, England, where she will present at the world-renowned Animal Energy World Conference. Susan has been asked to present as a keynote speaker for this incredible event that brings together speakers from around the world and highlights the concept that animals are truly our teachers. The conference aims to educate and bring awareness to different techniques and therapies that allow us to deeply connect and come together with animals as One. Topics at the conference include: animal wellbeing & emotions, energy techniques, natural remedies, animal psychology and behaviour, animal communication, human and animal interaction, education, research, and much more. Susan will give an hour and a half presentation on “Bringing animal individuality into conservation decision making.” In this talk, Susan will express her beliefs that it is easy to generalize the idea of “wildlife” and not understand the dramatic impact of our actions on individual animals. She will also discuss what it means when we lose wildlife or hear of species extinction. Each individual animal that dies is not just a “species member.” It is the loss of a life: the loss of that animal, its intelligence, wisdom, passions, and one chance at life.

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