What does a bison wish for? Or a river? A moth? A tree? What wisdom might they have to share if we entered into their frame of reference? Earthfire Institute is launching a seasonal multispecies initiative, the Council of All Beings, a practice modified from the work of Joanna Macy and John Seed. This will be a two part event. The first part, will be an introduction and practice for how to find and represent another life form as respectfully as possible. The Council itself will take place the next week. Having chosen our life form, and constructed a mask through which to speak, we will come together and represent them in Council.

Various species of wildlife gathered around a tree with a sign that says, "Team Meeting Today."

We know on an intellectual level that we are inseparable from all Life. In this practice, we hope to experience deep interconnection with nature, nonhuman beings, other humans, and our own hearts and bodies in order to feel it. As participants, we will set our human identity aside and invite another life form to speak through us. This is a practice of deep empathy, understanding, and necessity to rediscover our relationship with all Life. Through this profound interactive practice, we will let go of our isolated selves and come into the lives, concerns, hopes, and wisdoms of another being.

Each event will be an hour long. To make it work, we need a minimum of 5 committed participants and will accept a maximum of 10. The event is free, but registration is required. We will be offering the Council of All Beings four times throughout the year, aligned with seasonal transitions.

Join our Next Council of All Beings

Thank you for your interest in joining our next Council of All Beings event, which will be held Fall 2019. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive notice when registration opens.

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