Dr. Susan Eirich and the Earthfire community met for a deep, intimate conversation about the richness available to us if we tune into the life around us. We explored the ideas that every creature wants to be seen and what that implies. How do we interact with the material things in our life? Which of them do we need?

One of the ways we can support one another in making the now critical paradigm shift of considering all life in our personal and collective decisions is to help each other become more aware, attend to what we might not otherwise have seen. These conversations offer a supportive environment where together we can explore our fears, hopes, suggestions and actions as we work to make the changes needed.

Please Join Us for Our Next Conservation Conversation

Our monthly Conservation Conversations are an important part of supporting and growing our community as we move forward through this pivotal time for life on Earth. Please join us for our next Conversation on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 6:00 pm MT (5:00 Pacific; 8:00 Eastern). These are virtual events held via Zoom video chat, so all are welcome, regardless of where you live. The cost is free, but advance registration is required. For updates on Conservation Conversation topics and registration, please sign up for our newsletter here.

Let us know what you want to talk about! Send your ideas for topics to office@earthfireinstitute.org.

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