Chelsea caved on bananas; she swore not to eat anything that destroyed the Earth, but… change takes time, effort, commitment, and sacrifice. However, it also gives us pride. In this month’s conversation, we discussed how we disrupt our daily lives, habits and comfort to make and then maintain the changes necessary to support our Earth.

There is growing, if sometimes unwilling, awareness that we must make radical lifestyle changes in order to reverse our ecological crises. While making many small changes are important, they simply are just not enough. Fundamental change occurs when we think about what we are supporting with each of our actions: what we eat, where our food comes from, what clothes we wear. What are the consequences for the life systems of the Earth? Indigenous peoples, being close to the Earth, do this naturally. For us, until it becomes natural, we have to deliberately think about it. One term for this is conscious consumerism. It is an antidote to our human tendency to do what is convenient, to not question what is put before us.

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