Working for Our Sacred EarthPhoto by: Stock

“Perhaps the greatest threat to our common future is a combination of extreme individualism and extreme arrogance, as we deal with proposals to expand our domination of forces of nature of which we have only the most superficial understanding. The turning we humans must navigate to a viable future depends on a profound awakening to our nature as spiritual beings and our responsibility for the consequences of our choices and our relationships with one another and a living Earth.”

—Dr. Kamran Mofid, Convener

Recently returned from the Our Sacred Earth Conference in Tuscany, Susan Eirich and John Thompson shared insights gained in conversation with delegates from around the world who are working for our sacred earth. We also discussed cutting edge perspectives and how you can participate.

Our monthly Conservation Conversations are an important part of supporting and growing our community as we move forward through this pivotal time for life on Earth. If you are interested in participating in our next Conservation Conversation, please join our community to receive updates.

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