Bluebell The Buffalo takes her duties as Watch Bison Seriously

Bison eating hay with a piece of broken orange utility fence stuck on her horn

When the winter winds blow fiercely, snow drifts pile up in the Wildlife Garden so high that the wolves can just walk straight out of the Garden. In order to keep it open for them all winter, we put up a snow fence: a perforated orange plastic strip that lets the wind through but causes the snow to pile up behind it. Unfortunately, Bluebell apparently took exception to this intrusion in her pasture. She takes her duties as Watch Buffalo seriously. Or alternatively gets annoyed when there’s an intrusion into her territory and takes it as a person insult. Or maybe she just thought it was really ugly. In any case, we found the fence decimated, with part of it pierced by her horns and carried around like a flag not once, but twice.

I guess we will have to find another solution. Jean suggested a line of pine trees, but that is expensive, takes a lot of work, and most of all, there is no guarantee she won’t take offense to those either. Now for plan z…..

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