Palomino horse
Reconnection Ecology
July 1, 2021

Opening a Portal Between Two Species: A Powerful Story

Often a deep shift in consciousness occurs when we share with each other the profound, inexplicable experiences we've had with wildlife. It is vitally important that...

Tiny blooming cactus

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — I saw it on a dark counter at a camping store. There were a couple of dozen little cactuses in tiny painted pots with a magnet attached. They were being sold as curiosities, to be placed on a refrigerator. They had been forced in a greenhouse (climate conditions manipulated to time their blooming) , and brought for sale just as they were starting to bloom. Life, raised for human’s frivolous and momentary pleasure. The chances of survival were slim, as their destiny was to be placed as a magnet on some appliance. It made me mad and sad and I bought one as a plant “rescue.” I didn’t know if it would survive a dark Idaho winter but at least I was giving...

Coyote standing in a grassy field

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — An Attempt at Translation and Interpretation Between Species with Some Kernels of Truth To It Small animals are as important as big ones. Definitely in their own minds, and in actuality, too. (In fact, the most important life forms that support the earth are the tiniest---it is only we who are more impressed by the big.) The small animals of Earthfire have asked me to set the record straight. They are very, very, very important and wonderful. We humans are just too preoccupied and out of it to know it. Definitely our loss. They are not too thrilled with my own orientation that ALL life forms are important---they do think, as we do, that they are special,...

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