Fish swimming in water above rocks

A Great Fish, A Native Fish

Some 20 years ago, I wrote this article while trying to save part of a wildlife corridor in danger of being lost to development. I didn’t succeed, but hope springs...

Wolf dog sniffs a man's hand

-- by Susan Eirich, PhD -- We are more powerful when we include all of us in our thinking; the unique energies and intelligences of humans, animals, plants and the Earth itself. An orchestra with only one overwhelming sound does not have the power of a full orchestra with all voices in harmony, focused together on one result. In this case, the result is finding a way to live together in peace and joy on our Earth. A single type of intelligence cannot give all the answers. A single perspective has serious limits. Understanding that we live in one large community – the community of life, and operating from that perspective will lead to better results than separating life into arbitrary...

For a moment now the earths stands still before it turns back toward the light. It is so profoundly elemental, the balance between dark and light. Many religions see the world as an eternal balancing between dark and light, the forces of destruction and creation, life and death each leading into the other in an eternal cycle. It behooves us to give what energy we can to the side of light through kindness, decency and respect for all life.

-- by Susan Eirich, PhD --

-- by Deb Matlock, M.A. -- 2017 Update: Join our growing community in our Conservation Conversations and share your own beauty and wisdom to enrich our tapestry of purpose and connection with Life. Discussing challenging topics in a community meeting.  Sharing stories around a campfire.  Entering an online chat room with people from around the world.  These are all examples of ways to engage in conversation with one another. Years ago, at the end of my time in graduate school, I found myself pacing the floor of my hotel room a couple of hours before the final presentation of my thesis work.  My topic, the rhythmic connection between people and the earth, had taken me on an...

This time of year in the Idaho mountains the darkness is so intense it feels like a physical presence enveloping you. It is strangely comforting. Quieting. The result is an urge to spend long evenings by the fire just being, remembering, sinking deep. "Doing" is better suited to the long summer days. For now it is rest, renew, prepare. Many animals have babies growing in them. For me, it is a creative time, reflection and deep connection with the animals eventually giving birth to writings that I can share with you.

-- by Susan Eirich, PhD --

Wolf Dog in the Snow

-- by Susan Eirich, PhD -- Hope, a feral wolf-dog, was caught between two worlds. Not just the wild and the human, but even more, between deeply ingrained hard-wiring for fear and self-preservation, and the need to connect. Once we trapped him it took a very long time for him begin to tentatively trust anything; dog, wolf or human. But he so wanted to! On some level he understood that to connect was to fill a hunger. And in the larger picture, that to connect was to ensure survival. These things, when one considers them, are mysterious. He took a chance; he dared. Why? We humans made an effort. But so did Hope. This wasn’t humans “taming” a wolf dog. He had to participate...

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