Young buddhist monk in orange robes petting an elephant
Reconnection Ecology
March 24, 2021

Species Loneliness: A Sign of Our Times

Many of us have a deep longing for something more in life, a yearning, a sense of loneliness. What if we are longing for something we innately have: a deep, visceral...

Gray and white owl on a dead tree

Some 20 years ago, I wrote this article while trying to save part of a wildlife corridor in danger of being lost to development. I didn’t succeed, but hope springs eternal. I believe that once we know the damage we can wreak by taking essential habitat away from wild animals, most of us would choose to build or develop with other life in mind, leaving some land for the animals. It is with that hope that I publish this article once again as we work to save another part of the same corridor. This land is home to the great gray owl, one of the many incredible denizens of the South Leigh Wildlife Corridor, of which Earthfire is a part. It is a winter evening on South Leigh Creek---a cold,...

Xhosa family in traditional dress

Note from Susan: We cannot “technology” our way out of our current crises, environmental or pandemic. We will need technology and our magnificent scientific brains, but they are part of the mindset that got us into this mess to begin with, believing we could control, fix, or take without consequences or a knowledge of the larger systems in which we live. Ideally, we will look as broadly as we can for other mindsets that work for living well on our Earth, and one place to look is to ancient indigenous wisdom. Actually, it is our own innate wisdom as well, but we have been torn from it. As you read the following beautiful and encouraging article, there are many truths you may...

Seeds in various stages of germination

This week, the coronavirus pandemic reached 5 million cases. While much is still unknown about the emergence of this disease, there is strong evidence to support the idea that it was caused by our disrespect for non-human life. But not all that has come from this experience has been bad---it has opened the doors for important conversations to be had around the globe, centering on both immediate and long-term effects of human life on the planet. As we continue to seek answers and solutions, it is our hope that these will consider the future of all life on our Earth. These are some of the stories that have been keeping us informed and filling us with hope recently: Immunologist Dr....

Female Pangolin climbs a tree with baby pangolin holding on to her tail

In the days since coronavirus began sweeping across our planet, many of us have experienced moments of extreme fear and grief. And in those moments, many of us have reached out for the comfort of connecting with a beloved animal. For those of us who love animals deeply, there is nothing as healing as being in their presence, whether it be stroking the warm fur of a dog or cat curled up beside us, watching a bird perched in a tree, or catching a glimpse of a deer walking silently through the woods. Animals of all kinds have a way of bringing us back to the present moment―teaching us not to dwell in what has already passed, or to dread what may come in the days ahead. Here at Earthfire,...


I first encountered Skeeter two summers ago, when my husband and I first moved into this apartment. The apartment didn't have a screen on the back door, but I liked to keep the sliding door open for air when the weather was nice. One day, I heard what I thought was a bug trapped inside, pinging against the glass as it tried to find its way back out. I went to help the poor thing to freedom, but what I found was not a bug---it was a squirrel in the middle of my kitchen floor, looking for all the world like he'd been caught with his paw in the cookie jar. We both just kind of stared at each other for a few seconds until I laughed and he ran away, feet Flintstoning against the linoleum as he...

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