Seeds in various stages of germination

Seed Swap #11

Seeds are tiny, magical packets of latent energy and potential, ready to burst forth when conditions are right. They contain the very essence of Life itself: ancient...

Earthfire Institute is a returning member of Social Venture Circle.* The organization has a 30-year track record, providing a home for values-aligned business and nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors. Described as a “pioneering conservationist”, on June 17th in New York, Earthfire’s Executive Director, Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D., will be honored by more than 75 guests at SVC’s marquee Summer Soirée event. This fall, Susan will also be speaking in a featured session at the Social Venture Circle Annual Conference – Welcome to the NEXT Economy – A Convening of Business Leaders & Impact Investors. Look forward to more details about this event taking place...

Plant growing from a rock in a stream

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — There appears to be a great, slow awakening among humanity. There are two threads to this: one is our realizing how interconnected and related we are to all Life (carrots share 50% of our DNA); the other is how the impending climate crisis is forcing us to become more mindful of how we are living---and the consequences to all Life if we don’t. It is more useful to focus on this awakening rather than on dire predictions, as with hope and the development of a new story for us and the Earth, we will at least work towards something productive and positive---and who knows how effective that might be. It is worth a shot. In any case, wherever I go to gatherings...

Raven with an injured wing that has been treated and wrapped with bandages

— by Dawn Harrison — It’s the time of year when rescue and rehabilitation are in full throttle. It’s painful enough to see animals coming in because they have been orphaned or injured in accidents. But when we receive animals who have been intentionally harmed by humans, it’s downright maddening. We received a juvenile raven over the holiday weekend who was suffering from a badly broken wing. He was brought to us by a lovely young couple who found us online when they were looking for where they could bring him. They were only in the area visiting for the holiday, yet they were willing and happy to drive half an hour to bring us the injured bird, which they found hopping near a...

Seeds in various stages of germination

Seeds are tiny, magical packets of latent energy and potential, ready to burst forth when conditions are right. They contain the very essence of Life itself: ancient wisdoms and future hopes, exquisitely designed to adapt and evolve as needs arise. Part of Earthfire’s mission is to be a seed center. Here we gather selections of what we would like to see to germinate, take root, and unfurl into the light; stories that educate, inspire, inform and embrace hope and action. We invite you to partake, swap and share them. May they all bear fruit. The EAT-Lancet commission has released a report on feeding the world's growing population within planetary boundaries. Humans lived nearly...

Bottles of various sizes filled with colorful oils, with herbs and mortar and pestle in the background

What would a conference be like if it was founded on a vision handed down from an unearthly source? The Animal Energy meeting I attended earlier this month can offer a bit of an answer. In 2011, Marie Holliday, founder of the conference, was conducting a training on the Emotional Freedom Technique, a well-researched method of releasing trauma in humans. As she was teaching a procedure called Personal Peace, she writes, “A very loud and very clear, deep male voice spoke as I was talking about this---right above my head: 'You will never have World Peace until you take our Animals with you.' It was like a call to action, no choice, a command.” “From that second on, my life was...

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