Orange and black butterfly
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December 11, 2019

Windows on the World of Good Things Happening: A Review of TEDWomen 2019

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — It takes five generations of Monarch butterflies to complete their migration and return to the place of origin---five generations! The...

Spider web covered in dew droplets

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — What I am trying to do with Earthfire is impossible, but maybe trying will get us humans closer to living in tune with the Earth. It is essential to start with spirit, that mysterious force larger than us that infuses all things: to spirits of the land, soils, plants, and animals to human input from shamans, intuitives, artists, and scientists. For a new way of living on our Earth, we need all voices, all perspectives, all types of wisdom and knowledge, from all beings. As I said, impossible---but at the very least, we can have the honorable intention to try. During the process of designing new animal habitats, it occurred to me that it was important to ask...

Beaver in the woods

— by Ann Loyola — I opened the door to a large conference room full of men in uniforms. It was my first Upper Snake Beaver Coop meeting in Idaho Falls and I had no idea what to expect. About 22 forest rangers, wildlife and fisheries biologists, Fish & Game wardens, and others were passionately talking about Idaho’s dwindling beaver population and measures being taken to improve this particular habitat. My assignment was to remind everyone that EFI has specially built ponds available to help with translocation of Castor canadensis, and to learn about any changes in related regulations. Translocation efforts, drainage studies, and outreach to property owners and trappers were all...

White bison eating hay

Between getting ready for winter and speaking at a variety of events, we've been especially busy lately. But Dante Rios, our animal caretaker, has been delighting us with beautiful pictures of our animal residents. Please enjoy! 

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Seeds in various stages of germination

Seeds are tiny, magical packets of latent energy and potential, ready to burst forth when conditions are right. They contain the very essence of Life itself: ancient wisdoms and future hopes, exquisitely designed to adapt and evolve as needs arise. Part of Earthfire’s mission is to be a seed center. Here we gather selections of what we would like to see to germinate, take root, and unfurl into the light; stories that educate, inspire, inform and embrace hope and action. We invite you to partake, swap and share them. May they all bear fruit. A new study has shown that punishment-based training may be making dogs depressed. Reward-based training, on the other hand, showed no...

Squirrel eating nuts in a large hole in a tree

— by Dawn Harrison — One heartwarming part of wildlife rehabilitation is seeing the result of all the efforts put forth. For many released animals, the results are not easily tracked. Raccoons, for instance, don’t come by and say hi after being released and are more likely to show their appreciation by eating the supplemental food left for them and leaving little raccoon prints in the snow. But in the case of our most recent squirrel release, we are able to check in with the releaser and hear wonderful stories of how she is doing. The most recent update was to tell us that she had found a spot in a tree that suited her well and had not been back to the interim release habitat for...

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