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Reconnection Ecology
July 1, 2021

Opening a Portal Between Two Species: A Powerful Story

Often a deep shift in consciousness occurs when we share with each other the profound, inexplicable experiences we've had with wildlife. It is vitally important that...

Woman sits at a table surrounded by chickens

You’d think there’d be peace on a lovely early summer morning at a wildlife sanctuary as the first rays of sun appear over the mountains. But no. It’s true that the bears are sound asleep in their hammocks. The horses and bison and burros are standing stock still, soaking in the early morning sun. The wolves are curled up, enjoying the warming rays in the cool of the dawn. But at 5:30 a.m., I hear the chickens’ impatient squawking and feel this imperious energy calling all the way across to where I sleep—let us out, da….it! (There is no pretense of politeness there.) Unable to resist the sheer power of their outrage, I drag myself out of my blankets, open the little door at...

Woman looks into the eyes of a coyote

In many ways, we are creatures of habit. We are also shaped by cultural influences, the family, the times we are born into, and social pressures as to what is “normal.” Without realizing it, our brains are shaped by the pressures and examples we grow up with. And unless we are lucky, we are turned away from our own intuitive experiences. It becomes difficult to develop a true aspect of ourselves that is the source of our own ideas, intelligence, and intuition. We are in a transition time now between the older 20th century understanding of how the universe works---in which our sense of “reality” is the only one---and the quantum version of how the universe works, which is on...

White dog with black spots and black markings on his face

Odd things happen to all of us at some time or another. A few weeks ago, I woke up after a vivid dream about my dog, Abe. I was at the trailhead of a popular local path into the foothills, calling out for Abe, who had run off both leashless and collarless. I whistled, yelled, and shrieked to no avail. Hikers passed by, promising to search for him as they went on their way. For no apparent reason, I got into my old pickup truck and drove down a dirt road, rounded a sharp corner, and pulled up at a dead end. Who was bouncing up and down, yipping happily? Abe. After pouring a cup of coffee and wondering why I would have such a crisp, realistic dream---except for the part about Abe not...

Girl watches a video presentation on a laptop outside near a pond

How can we turn a distanced appreciation of nature into a meaningful, life-changing relationship with all of Life? Susan’s virtual Cortona Pearl presentation Reawakening our Bond with our Wild Earth explored this topic, inviting shared experiences in real-time from participants. We’ve shared a snippet of the event below. For more information about Cortona Pearls, visit  Founded 30 years ago by renowned scientist Dr. Pier Luigi Luisi, the ultimate aim of Cortona Week is to forge and catalyze a new class of world leaders and to reinforce ethics and human dignity. It has been recreated in a new months-long online format in response to the COVID pandemic,...

Fox kits sleeping together in a metal culvert

Five orphaned fox kits arrived in April for recovery and rehabilitation, their mother killed by a dog. When discovered, they were hungry and dehydrated. They’re now thriving and rambunctious in their covered enclosure with an outdoor play area. We’ve placed logs, large stones, sandboxes and wide-mouth tubes in their garden. When they show the ability to forage and hunt adequately, they’ll be released back into the forest from whence they came, sometime in early August.

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