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Earthfire Journal
October 16, 2019

Creature Comforts

— by Dawn Harrison — We are excited to have Animal Enrichment Specialist Steve Hill on site working with all of our sanctuary residents, but we’re not as excited...

Seeds in various stages of germination

Seeds are tiny, magical packets of latent energy and potential, ready to burst forth when conditions are right. They contain the very essence of Life itself: ancient wisdoms and future hopes, exquisitely designed to adapt and evolve as needs arise. Part of Earthfire’s mission is to be a seed center. Here we gather selections of what we would like to see to germinate, take root, and unfurl into the light; stories that educate, inspire, inform and embrace hope and action. We invite you to partake, swap and share them. May they all bear fruit. Looking for actionable steps you can take to curb climate change? Here are 101 ideas to try. And here's idea #102: Don't feed the climate...

Teton mountains covered in snow

— by Susan Eirich, Ph.D. — I usually write about the animals here, sometimes about the trees. But the land itself has a voice that needs to be heard. It is the living ground that supports us and all living beings. The land also needs to be seen and loved. The part of the earth Earthfire calls home spoke to us as soon as we saw it. There was something about it, hard to express… It felt like a strength of being. Was it the vivid awareness of the bedrock upon which we stood, the solid ground beneath our feet? Or energy welling up from the center of our Earth to its surface, up through the bottoms of our soles, entering and enlivening our own energy systems? Over time, we came to feel...

The Board of Earthfire Institute is delighted to announce that long-time board member Andrew Torgove will become Board Chair effective immediately. He has graciously agreed to do so in order to support founder and current Board Chair Dr. Susan Eirich as she embarks on an extensive worldwide schedule of talks and presentations, along with the expansion of Earthfire Institute and its current programs. It is expected that Dr. Eirich will resume her role as Board Chair after a period of about one to two years, unless her schedule does not permit. The entire board and staff of Earthfire are grateful to Mr. Torgove for picking up the mantle and equally delighted that Dr. Eirich will remain the...

Raccoons emerging from a crate

— by Dawn Harrison — The weather was perfect and the girls were ready, so we knew it was the right day for releasing our rehabilitation raccoons. We found the ideal spot with a small stream and ample natural food in a location where we can provide supplementation if they need it to thrive through their first winter. The girls, dubbed Big and Medium, were loaded into a crate for the short trip to their new home. Upon arriving, Big and Medium were very inquisitive yet reluctant. After all, they didn’t know exactly what was going on. They peeked out of the kennel, took a few steps out, and then went back in. When we took the top off, they finally got a good look at the welcoming meadow...

Black bear by thistles

This month at Earthfire is incredibly inspiring and exciting. We have thought-leaders, artists, animal communicators, and more from around the world coming to visit the animals with the goal of helping us share their voices and shift the way that people see, and therefore treat, wildlife and nature. We currently have Michael Stillwater---a musical artist, educator, and filmmaker---visiting the site. Michael’s work artistically responds to issues facing us as individuals and as a community, which has included co-creating the acclaimed audio resource Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying and an award-winning film series dedicated to releasing and celebrating the voice,...

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