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Host a Conversation In Your Home with Dr. Susan Eirich
Susan Eirich presenting at a conference in Tucson, AZ

As we lead the way in shifting human consciousness towards understanding that all beings are interconnected, this changes the environmental decisions we make to ones that support all Life. Amidst a world of increasing uncertainty and chaos, there is a great opportunity to make a change in a positive direction. We’d like to invite you to join forces with Earthfire Institute to foster this change by hosting an intimate salon in your home. The intent of the evening is to engage in rich, deep conversation among guests, and work towards inspiring positive solutions to our current environmental crises.

This can be a “virtual” salon with Susan attending online, or she can visit in person. The salon can be designed in any way you like, from a simple afternoon conversation with tea to a lovely intimate dinner. You provide the setting, guests and co-create with Susan an evening that gets to the heart of connecting deeply with wild animals and nature, and where that connection can lead; from art, to activism, to whatever focus speaks to you and your guests. By raising awareness of these connections in conversation, we create new possibilities and support each other in taking powerful actions for the animals and the Earth.

Together we can enrich and empower your friends and community.

With the help of the animals, these salons will show how connecting deeply can open a portal into a new perspective. We hope that each of your guests will leave the evening inspired and committed to widening the circle of conversation by spreading the word amongst their own networks, participate in ongoing conversations with Earthfire online, and consider helping to raise funds to support the work of Earthfire.

If you’re interested in learning more, or hosting a salon in your home, please contact us at with “Salon” in the subject field. We look forward to hearing from you.

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