Bear Gardens Update

And the 16th Annual Tin Cup Challenge
Construction for new bear gardens at Earthfire Institute

We are a little over a month into construction on two new Bear Gardens, and so far our bears seem to be coping with the noise quite well—especially when we explain that all of the commotion is for them. The new gardens are a big project, especially because we live in a small, rural location. We are delighted to support local companies such as Wydaho Construction Services, Mills Concrete, Harmony Design and Engineering, Powers Excavating, Trail Creek Nursery, and Fall River Rural Electric Coop.

Photo of a fox overlaid with the logo for the Tin Cup Challenge of the Community Foundation of Teton Valley

Earthfire Institute Participates in the 16th Annual Tin Cup Challenge

Resident and Rehabilitation animals at Earthfire rely on your donations to live their best lives possible. Rescued animals that we successfully rehabilitate and release into the wild often need emergency veterinary care and around-the-clock feeding. Our sanctuary animals receive lifelong, species-specific care ranging from daily cleaning to food prep, enrichment, and veterinary care.

Join The Tin Cup Challenge to keep the buffalo roaming, foxes trotting, cats purring, bears digging, wolves howling, and everything in between. Every gift supports the well-being of these precious animals. The Challenge ends July 21st.

Learn how to give online or contact us for assistance.

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