Bear Garden Diaries

Six Weeks Until Moving Day!
Grizzly bear coming out of a pool of water

Construction on Phase 1* of our brand new, state-of-the-art bear gardens is almost complete! Thanks to our amazing local contractor, Wydaho Construction Services, the project that broke ground 10 months ago will be ready to house our bears in about three weeks. Our architects from The Epsten Group are making arrangements to fly out for a final punch list visit March 8-9. Following the visit, the only remaining pieces will be starting up the irrigation system for the first time and planting native grasses and sedges around the new wetlands when the ground thaws.

It’s been an unusually warm, dry winter here in Teton Valley, so Ramble and Bramble are already waking up from hibernation (approximately 4 weeks earlier than previous years). When bears wake up, the first 3-4 weeks are spent in a stage called “walking hibernation,” where their metabolic processes adjust to normal summer levels. Even though they are hungry when they wake up, during walking hibernation they voluntarily eat and drink less than summer levels, and are also far less active. For that reason, we will wait until April 1st to make the big move over to their new gardens.

*Phase 2 of the bear garden project will eventually duplicate Phase 1 by building two more gardens, giving us a total of 4 bear gardens.

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