All Snug in Their Beds

Bear Garden Diaries
Grizzly bear on snow-covered rocks

The bears are nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of marshmallows dance in their heads.

The bears have just settled down for a long winter’s nap, but work busily continues on their new gardens. After 20 years of dreaming, 3 years of planning, and 7 months of construction we can finally say that our new bear gardens are over 90% complete. Fencing is installed. Trees, shrubs, and wildflowers have all been planted and native grass seed has been spread. Winter conditions recently set in, so planting the Wetland grasses adjacent to the new gardens will commence once the ground thaws next spring.

In addition to almost one acre of garden space to roam and forage, each of the two new gardens also features a safe and secure overnight enclosure with full access to a night yard designed with deadfall, an outdoor den, and a gorgeous view of the stars. When the bears move over to their new gardens next spring, they will have the freedom to move back and forth between their garden and their enclosure or night yard throughout the day. We cannot wait to watch their reaction when they take their first steps in their new homes.

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