Last Push Before Winter

Bear Garden Diaries
Bear den in an enclosure for rescued bears

Our very sleepy and seasonably plump bears recently settled in for their long winter’s nap, but that doesn’t mean work on their new gardens has slowed down. The landscapers are busily trying to finish up ahead of winter, planting over 200 trees and shrubs, laying out irrigation, ensuring the wetlands are ready for water, and preparing the ground for 120,000 square feet of native grass seed. If weather conditions allow, we hope to get the wetland grasses and wildflowers planted this fall as well.

Newly planted trees in Earthfire Institutes new bear gardens
New trees have been planted and we're prepping the ground for grass seed • Photo by Heather Holcomb

In addition to the numerous plantings inside both gardens, we wanted to plant one tree in memory of each Earthfire bear who’s no longer physically with us. The memorial trees, along with some native shrubs, adorn one side of the walkway and will greet visitors as they approach the new gardens.

Sweet dreams, dear bears. When you wake up next spring, your new gardens will await your arrival.

Let’s Bring the Bear Necessities of Life to Our Sanctuary Bears

Join us as we move ahead with planting five acres of heavenly bear gardens and sheltered enclosures.

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