Installing Deadfall for Enrichment

Bear Garden Diaries
Grizzly bear laying on his stomach in the snow

Fall is in the air and Mother Nature has already given us our first dusting of snow here in the valley. The days are shorter and cooler, so the construction crews continue busily working long days and weekends to beat the changing weather and meet scheduling deadlines.

Recently, our General Contractor and members of our Facilities team spent time scouring Teton Valley for large Cottonwood or Aspen trees that had already fallen or needed removal and brought them to Earthfire to be used as deadfall. Deadfall (tangled masses of brush and fallen trees) is another part of the bear garden design that excites us. It will make the new gardens as natural or “bear-driven” as possible. Some of the deadfall will lie on the ground (perfect for eventually digging up grubs and ants as it decomposes), some will stretch across the streams for easier bear crossings, and some will be installed upright as 30-foot-tall back scratchers. Ramble and Bramble are brown bears, known for digging, but perhaps someday we will have Black Bears again, who are known for climbing. Will black bears possibly use the deadfall back scratchers as climbers? Only time will tell.

Let’s Bring the Bear Necessities of Life to Our Sanctuary Bears

Join us as we move ahead with planting five acres of heavenly bear gardens and sheltered enclosures.

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