The Bear Necessities of Life

One of the greatest challenges that wildlife sanctuaries face is giving extraordinary animals, like our five bears, a life that is as close as possible to the one they would have had in the wild. For various reasons, Earthfire’s resident animals cannot be released into their natural habitats.

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Given that difficult reality, it’s our responsibility to do everything in our power to replace what they lost with something almost as beautiful.

At Earthfire, we’ve spent the last few months imagining a new habitat for our resident bears that allows them to experience more of what they would have in the wild. We brought in some of the world’s foremost experts in creating zoological garden designs that prioritize an animal’s ability to thrive. The result is a blueprint for a new bear garden that provides over an acre of natural features for each bear.

The new bear gardens will give each bear the chance to do what bears do most naturally—from foraging for native plants and berries, to climbing to a high point to see the land around them, to cooling off and playing in their own freshwater pool before taking a rest in their sheltered den.

Our goal is to give our bears the safety and care of sanctuary life with the richness and diversity of life in the wild. And it will allow visitors and supporters—whether in person or through photos and videos—a chance to connect personally and intimately with each unique bear, and experience the power of Reconnection Ecology.

We’re ready to start breaking ground on this new bear habitat—but we cannot do it without you. Help us build a garden for Earthfire’s five incredible bears!


Earthfire depends on your support to make our work possible.

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