Is Your Summer as Busy as Ours? August Conservation Conversation on Break

Hand-drawn sketches of grizzly bears

Things are moving fast this summer at Earthfire. We have finally broken ground on the new cougar enclosure even as we work to raise the additional funds needed to complete it. But the building season is short here in the high northern mountains, so start, we did. Spectacular wildlife artist Anne London is coming for a 9-day residency in a few days. Zoopharmacognosy (botanical and earth essences for healing animals) pioneer Caroline Ingraham is coming next week to offer her healing to our animals as her partner films the results. We are also preparing for emmy-award winning filmmaker Michael Stillwater to come in September to work on a film about the “voices of the animals.” All of this has kept us extra busy while still maintaining the day-to-day happenings, creating newsletters, and arranging for powerful speaking engagements to help spread the message that the sacredness of all Life should change how we live. With so much going on, we have decided to take a break from our August Conservation Conversation and hope you spend the time enjoying the beauty of a summer (or winter!) evening. We will resume our conversations in September and look forward to seeing you then.

Our monthly Conservation Conversations are an important part of supporting and growing our community as we move forward through this pivotal time for life on Earth. These virtual gatherings are held via Zoom video conferencing, and we invite all to participate, regardless of where you are in the world. Please join us for our next Conversation on Wednesday, September 18th at 6:00 pm MT (5:00 Pacific; 8:00 Eastern) as we work toward becoming a committed and supportive community of all beings. All are welcome. The cost is free, but advance registration is required. If you are interested in joining our next Conservation Conversation, please sign up for our newsletter to receive notice when registration opens. Until then, enjoy our previous conversations here.

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