Porcupine poking his head out of a wooden box in his enclosure


Teddy Bear is a North American porcupine who was less than a year old when he came to us. He’s now a robust, moody animal who can chatter complaints to the caretakers one day and sings sweet chirping songs the next. Fresh willow branches and spruce logs are grumpily accepted. He hangs out in his redesigned, insulated Teddy box, which features a front porch and adjustable side window. (Note: Teddy was previously named Piney until he communicated his wish to be called by a softer name.)

Porcupine Facts from Live Science: Porcupines use their quills as a defense. They may shake them, which makes them rattle, as a warning to potential predators. If that doesn’t work, they may charge backwards into the predator. The quills are loosely attached but cannot be thrown or projected. Porcupines can live up to 18 years in captivity.

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