Rescued by a well-meaning person and suffering several traumatic events, Shaman never adjusted to humans—or other coyotes. Because of an early injury, he can never be released into the wild—a casualty of human interference. But here at Earthfire, he is safe and well cared for. He is a stunning, independent loner. Is it possible that some animals are more innately wild than others, more suspicious, the survival instinct overriding all?

Animal Fact

"There are 19 different subspecies of coyote. The size and coat color of coyotes varies slightly across these subspecies. For example, coyotes that live in the mountains have darker coats, while ones that live in the desert have lighter coats" (Live Science).

Photos of Shaman

Stories About Shaman

Note: Many of our posts are collections of stories about multiple animals at Earthfire. The animal you’re looking for may not be shown in these post previews, but each post does contain a relevant story. 

A coyote at a wildlife sanctuary looks out the door of his den box.

While Susan was speaking overseas for a couple of weeks, it was essential that a team member stayed on property overnight in case of emergencies. My coworkers and I filled...

Woman sits next to a coyote in a grassy field
A Conversation with Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith is a revered founding pioneer in the field of interspecies telepathic communication since the 1970s. Her visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, in numerous...

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