Captured together in one of the Bureau of Land Management’s mustang roundups, Sarah and Frazzle were sent from auction to auction until a caring person recognized their attachment to each other, bid on them, and asked if we would take them.

Originally hesitant, Sarah has come dramatically out of her shell, bellowing out her burro displeasure when her food is late ( they didn’t have regular restaurant service in the wild I remind her, but she apparently now considers it her due). She unbelievably (and successfully!) bullies our large white bison, Nima, who runs unceremoniously away when Sarah chases her. Yet all three—Sarah, Frazzle and Nima will eat together as a contented mini herd.

Animal Fact

"Like their cousins the wild horses, burros in the Western United States have been rounded up en masse, often to make room for livestock grazing, big game hunting and other commercial uses of our public lands" (The American Wild Horse Campaign).

Photos of Sarah

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