White bison


At the end of retreat at Earthfire, a Native American woman and a pipe-carrier for the Lakota Nation said, “You need a white buffalo,” and gifted us Nima. Prayers are offered for her regularly from afar by the pipe-carrier as they consider her to be growing into her wisdom. White bison are the rare result of a genetic mutation. They’re considered to be a manifestation of the belief that all things on Earth are connected, resulting in abundance for all.

Animal Fact

The National Bison Association has estimated that white buffalo only occur in approximately one out of every 10 million births.

Photos of Nima

Stories About Nima

Note: Many of our posts are collections of stories about multiple animals at Earthfire. The animal you’re looking for may not be shown in these post previews, but each post does contain a relevant story. 

White bison eating hay

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Face of a brown and black goat

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Woman greets a white bison calf

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