Red fox
Photo by Christopher Ives


Lightfoot and Sprite came as kits in need of adoption and became friendly, personable young foxes, featured in several documentaries before they came to Earthfire. A gentle fox, Lightfoot lost a front leg in an accident but has adapted to life very well, as do many dogs with similar injuries. He is fast and agile. He has fooled new staff who couldn’t believe how quickly he can climb up a fence with three legs. A good omen for three-legged animals in the wild. They have remarkable survival abilities.

Animal Fact

"Red foxes prefer rodents and rabbits, but they will also eat birds, amphibians, and fruit. Red foxes will also steal food from garbage cans or farms. Their ability to find food, even during the winter, is one reason why red foxes have a reputation for being cunning and smart" (National Wildlife Federation).

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