Handsome black and tan wolf-dog hybrid


A resident of a local development called Susan and Jean to report a feral wolf dog trying to make friends with her dogs. Her neighbors were frightened and had called the sheriff to remove him. After several attempts to capture him, they were planning to shoot him. Jean immediately rushed to the rescue. With his knowledge of animals, he had him trapped and in his truck within half an hour and we took him home to Earthfire. It took some time, but Hope has integrated into Earthfire, playing well with our dog Shota. Not quite a dog and not quite a wolf, he’s loving but shy and selective about who may have the privilege to pet, groom, and walk him. Interestingly, Kenai, a gorgeous and aloof wolf, has fallen in love with him—and Hope seems to be gradually warming to that fact.

Photos of Hope

Stories About Hope

Note: Many of our posts are collections of stories about multiple animals at Earthfire. The animal you’re looking for may not be shown in these post previews, but each post does contain a relevant story. 

Wolf dog sniffs a man's hand

Hope is an extravagantly handsome dog who has wolf ancestry, although we aren’t sure what percentage of wolf. He lives with us at Earthfire—which is a good thing, because otherwise,...

Sparrow in hand

It’s been snowing and snowing here—a welcome event as that is a normal winter for us. It is what life is adapted to here. Snow insulates the ground and the...

A Wolf-Dog and two German Shepherds

I guess all of us change over the years. Hopefully we grow. Hope the wolf dog did. We rescued Hope a few years ago. He was a feral wolf dog,...

Wolf Dog in the Snow

Hope, a feral wolf-dog, was caught between two worlds. Not just the wild and the human, but even more, between deeply ingrained hard-wiring for fear and self-preservation, and the need...

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