Red fox sniffing a log in a field of wildflowers
Photo by Jessica Friedman


Ghost is delicate, otherworldly in appearance, and a master manipulator and escape artist who, though the smallest, always seems to get the largest piece of food from the boys. She will climb an entire person to try to grab the snacks first. Her light brown coloring and hazel eyes are the result of a recessive gene.

Animal Fact

Foxes emit a smelly, musky odor that can be mistaken for lingering skunk spray. Visitors to Earthfire often comment that they smell a skunk as they approach our foxy residents.

Stories About Ghost

Note: Many of our posts are collections of stories about multiple animals at Earthfire. The animal you’re looking for may not be shown in these post previews, but each post does contain a relevant story. 

Fox standing on a log

Foxes Sprite and Ghost got to enjoy some beautiful weather while stretching their legs in one of the animal gardens. Ghost took his cues from his elder at most turns,...

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