Palomino horse on a rocky trail


“Please come and get her before she’s taken to a kill pen,” said the caller. “My husband wants $400 for her.”

Her mother was a mustang, and Foffy has the independence, alertness, and intelligence you would expect from a wild horse. She enjoys a peaceful, indulgent life on 20 acres along with bison, burros, and an occasional goat. Her name was shortened to Foffy from Feet of Flames—so named because when she runs, she is a rippling gold river, feet high, blonde mane and tail flying, a splendid, healthy animal.

Photos of Foffy

Stories About Foffy

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White bison eating hay

Between getting ready for winter and speaking at a variety of events, we’ve been especially busy lately. But Dante Rios, our animal caretaker, has been delighting us with beautiful pictures...

Profile of a bison's head

Foffy the Mustang, Garrett the Farrier, and Bluebell the Displeased Bison Bluebell was not pleased. It is not good when Bluebell is not pleased. She is a massive, powerful, assertive...

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