Bison laying in the dust


Born on a game farm for meat but abandoned by her mother, Bluebell came to Earthfire as a young calf. She has become the matriarch of our 20-acre pasture, tolerating zero interference from strangers of any species. Her grounding presence is felt throughout the property, but she melts into a (demanding) puddle when humans with healing hands touch her.

Animal Fact

"Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the U.S. where bison have continuously lived since prehistoric times. What makes Yellowstone’s bison so special is that they’re the pure descendants (free of cattle genes) of early bison that roamed our country’s grasslands" (US Department of the Interior).

Photos of Bluebell

Stories About Bluebell

Note: Many of our posts are collections of stories about multiple animals at Earthfire. The animal you’re looking for may not be shown in these post previews, but each post does contain a relevant story. 

White bison eating hay

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Fox standing on a log

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White chicken in a nesting box

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Profile of a bison's head

Foffy the Mustang, Garrett the Farrier, and Bluebell the Displeased Bison Bluebell was not pleased. It is not good when Bluebell is not pleased. She is a massive, powerful, assertive...

Face of a young grizzly bear

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Face of a brown and black goat

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