Animal Healing and Earth Repair

Susan Shares Current Research from Recent Global Conferences

We Are All Midwives for Life

Reflections by Susan Eirich, PhD

There are so many exciting, positive, mind-bending new learnings going on in the world. We are such an innately creative species.  It is a joy for me to keep up with them in the field of human/animals/nature/Earth relations and then share them with you. Part of the pleasure is letting the information flow through me to you.

In our last conversation, one participant asked me if I felt like a midwife (I love the perceptions that come out of these conversations). After a moment’s reflection, I said, “Yes,” because what I am doing is trying to help birth new ideas and perspectives in the service of Life. And, really, I realized, each of us is working for a better world for all Life in our own way. Each of us is a midwife, asking for or receiving unexpected “downloads” from our inner wisdom or something greater than ourselves, and then finding a way to express that. I thought it was a lovely way to speak of all our collective efforts on behalf of our planet.

During this last conversation, I brought back cutting-edge approaches to animal healing from the Animal Energy World Conference—and human healing, because fundamentally we are the same—and the work of passionate people around the globe doing “Earth Repair.” I hope you find the conversation thought-provoking and encouraging.

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