An Invitation: Send Your Voice with Susan to a Conservation Retreat

Bluebird in flight

Next week I will be attending an invitational retreat of 25 change-makers in Santa Fe. I would like to invite you along metaphorically, so your voices can be heard too, as I carry the messages of the animals and humans who care about them. We will each be going as deeply as we can about what we can contribute to the essential paradigm shift we need to live in harmony on our exquisite Earth. There will be conversation, meditation, and ancient practices such as Qi Gong.

I would welcome any thoughts or readings you would like to share, so please email with “Thoughts for Santa Fe” in the subject line. The retreat is March 21–26 so I can receive anything you want to send by the 20th; or good energy, after that. The retreat is called Transformational Speaking reUnion: a Portal for Sacred Action, to be held at Master Mingtong Gu’s Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong. To help orient you to what you might want to contribute, the description of the retreat is:

We’ll gather in community, and drop beneath mind chatter and old patterns and connect with a deeper inner experience from which to act and speak. As we remind ourselves of the potency of our Original Medicine, we’ll embody its power and expand our energy.

Together we will open our hearts to the world, let our broken hearts speak, and claim a new story, individually and collectively—as we stir the transformational cauldron of joy, imagination, passion, community, storytelling and sacred action.

May your voices and inspiration come through to me and through me as I participate in this! It is our Earth and each of our voices is important.  

Susan and the Animals


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