A Spring Morning in the Tetons

The Teton mountain range tinted pink by the sunrise, with a forest in the foreground

The pinking of the sky in the early dawning. The cool pine-scented breeze flowing down from the mountains. The growing golden light casting long shadows across the fields of sage dotted with bright golden flowers, touching the tops of the trees in their fresh spring greenery as the entire land soaks up the energy of the sun after a long, bitter winter, quietly, intensely, producing the chemicals of Life. Scents of sun-warmed grasses, warming earth, flowering willows with their sweet aroma bringing bees buzzing busily as they work to bring sustenance back to the hive. The snowmelt from the mountains—our high desert reservoir for the hot, dry months under a harsh summer sun—runs through the creek, cold and fresh in an unending cycle of precipitation, flow, evaporation. Clouds trapped by the high mountain tops release their precious water as rain and then again as winter snows. The trees green themselves and grow. Animals thrive in the coolness and safety of their shelter.

The first bird sings even before the sky perceptibly lightens, then more and more join the chorus filling the air with their morning greeting. The trees, bushes, grasses are all still in the morning light, peace reigning as they concentrate on growing, deepening their roots, developing their new leaves for the year.

We live in a magical world.

This is so small a part of what is going on in nature, more only sensed, as we are limited by our cultural conditioning; our personal, human-centered lives, and by brains so active and restless they remove us from our sensual, sensing selves. We have to spend a lifetime trying to regain and grow the connection that we’ve lost.

Reconnection Ecology® helps us remember that we can find beauty, calm, and healing in the natural world, grounding us and reframing our priorities. This connection serves as a counterbalance to our frenetic lives. It reminds us that we are part of all that is.

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